Tuscarawas Central Catholic JSHS School Percussion Club

Tuscarawas Central Catholic JSHS is home to about 160 students who pride themselves on a faith-based education, community involvement, and extracurricular activities that expand their horizons in and out of the classroom.  A small group of passionate musicians are making some noise (pun intended) and hoping to revive instrumental music at their school. 

Parent volunteers Michelle Angelini and Jessica Makepeace got the ball rolling to expand the Saints Percussion. The first initiative started with expanding from steel drums to a drumline to increase participation, transition from a club to an organized class, and give the musicians more opportunities to perform at school, church, and community events. Michelle and Jessica are thrilled to welcome Jay Jenkins, a former high school drummer, to assist in teaching the kids.

The Catholic Foundation helped TCC JSHS purchase additional instruments through a responsive grant. When the percussion program started three years ago, ten students participated. In March 2024, they gained another student, and more will surely follow.  Hearing the kids filling the school hallways, church, sporting, and community events with uplifting, inspiring beats is music is a joy!

Child being handed a book from a woman in a classroom setting.
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2 Corinthians 9: 6-7