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Help Save Lives In Ukraine

Retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Mark Arnold, a former Special Forces officer with three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, has spent extensive time near the front lines advising the Ukrainian military (at his own expense).  Gen. Arnold is a nationally recognized expert on the war in Ukraine and has been quoted extensively in the Washington Post, among other publications.

But Gen. Arnold has another mission.  Ukrainian medics were educated by physicians in five medical schools in Ukraine until three were destroyed and one severely damaged by the Russians during the 2022 invasion.  The Ukrainian Military Medical Academy is responsible for educating medics, and, to address this critical shortage of first responders, the Academy is establishing 20+ geographically dispersed training sites plus mobile training teams where physicians will educate medics near or at their units of assignment.  Gen. Arnold is raising the private-sector funds to support the training and equipping of medics so that Ukrainian troops will be more likely to survive their wounds and reduce the number of limb amputations by over 50%.

The critical shortage of thoroughly trained medics is no accident.  Russia has since the start of the war aimed artillery and missiles at the exact same spot it struck around 30 minutes earlier, often hitting first responders who had deployed at the scene. It’s a tactic, called a “double tap” in military jargon, that is illegal under the Geneva Conventions – and causing death and injury to emergency workers.  This can only be described as unconscionable.

Simply put, Mark can’t do it alone.  Each of the sites and teams will cost over $20,000, and Mark estimates that over $2 million is needed to fully fund this mission.

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The Charity Newsies Clothe-A-Child Program

The Charity Newsies Clothe-A-Child Program is designed for families in need of back-to-school clothing assistance including Catholic school uniforms.  Consideration is based on household incomes at or around 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.   For more information, including an application, please visit or contact Charity Newsies at 614-263-4300 or

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Fund Spotlight: Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus

Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus

The importance of a proper burial is stressed throughout the Gospel.  Showing compassion for others and treating everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve is at the heart of the corporate works of mercy, and our deceased loved ones are no different.  “Our cemeteries represent the tradition that accompanies burying the dead and their perpetual care until Christ returns,” says Deacon Jeffrey Fortkamp, Director of Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus.

The Catholic Cemeteries serves around 1,000 families each year by helping the faithful accept death in the context of our Catholic faith and provide a dignified burial and eternal resting spot. Mt. Calvary, St. Joseph, Resurrection, and Holy Cross’ daily operations, including the maintenance of the scenic grounds, are covered by an existing fund. Deacon Jeffrey wants to ensure these properties are protected from any unexpected, extraordinary expenses, which is the purpose of The St. Callistus Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus Perpetual Care Endowment Fund that was recently established at The Catholic Foundation.

The St. Callistus Fund will help with costs that, for example, are incurred outside of warranty work on fixing broken equipment, road repairs due to excess weather damage, and deteriorated buildings that result from age and harsh weather. “Knowing an unforeseen expense will be covered under The St. Callistus Fund gives me and my team the peace of mind to focus on what we do best, which is ministering to the faithful in their time of need and grief,” says Deacon Jeffery. 

Give to The St. Callistus Catholic Cemeteries of Columbus Perpetual Care Endowment Fund:

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