Young people today are experiencing a crisis of faith, identity, and purpose. As the generations before them have increasingly shed their religion, very few have been exposed to the hope and healing that comes with living a faithful life. Please join our mission to promote evangelization and vocations in the Columbus Catholic community.

Bishop Earl K. Fernandes headshot.

A message

From Our Bishop

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We may have differing roles and degrees of authority, but everyone has a part to play in my plans for the future of our diocese.

The Holy Father wants a missionary Church in which everyone is an evangelist. Recognizing this, my top two priorities in the Diocese of Columbus are evangelization and vocations. It is imperative that each of us recognizes the reality of our current situation in the Church, including the changed cultural context in which we live and the epochal change which we are all experiencing.

Along with The Catholic Foundation, I am asking for your help to support these renewed efforts to more actively share our truth and faith through evangelization in our parishes, schools, and communities. As evangelization efforts grow, we expect an increase in vocations to follow. This is an investment in the future of our faith and the faith of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

History shows us that the Church always emerges from a crisis by God’s grace. In fact, each crisis affords the opportunity to discern the presence of the Lord and to refocus on the mission and where we are going together.

We journey together for the future of the Diocese of Columbus. It’s imperative that we are proactive in our investment in the future rather than reactive. We need to be spiritual entrepreneurs for Christ!

Bishop Earl Fernandes

Invest In Your Faith

How Can I Be

A Spiritual


Vision for
the future of
our faith


Focused on who
God is calling
us to be


through living
a virtuous life


Salespeople who
spread the word
of the Gospel

Servant Leaders

Servant leaders who
sacrifice themselves for
the good of others

Discovering a New World

In the Diocese of Columbus

The Holy Father wants a missionary Church in which everyone is an evangelist. Each of us needs to recognize the reality of our situation, including the changed cultural context in which we live and the epochal change which we are all experiencing.


80% who leave the Catholic faith do so by the age of 23. Young people today are experiencing a crisis of faith, identity, and purpose. Evangelization must be a priority in all areas of parish and community life.


By promoting a culture of missionary discipleship in which all persons are empowered to discover and respond to the unique call God has for their life, the Office of Vocations works to develop vocations to the priesthood for the Diocese.

Journeying Together

A Time for Epochal Change

Investing In Our Faith

We are convinced that by focusing on evangelization and creating missionary disciples - especially in our youth - catholic communities will grow while creating future leaders of the Church. From these efforts, it is our hope that more young people will discern their vocations of religious life, marriage and parenting, and other gifts as faithful Catholics.

Evangelization Tactics ($8.5M)

Vocation Tactics ($8.5M)

Renovated Student Formation Center ($3M)

Evangelization Tactics

School-Based Evangelization

Tri-annual in-person immersion day of kerygmatic encounters for Catholic school teachers and administrators.

Parish-Based Evangelization

Implement coaching models to provide consistency and support for the creation of healthy parishes emphasizing missionary disciple formation efforts.

Family-Based Formation

Training parish leaders on methods of family faith formation, focusing on catechizing the entire family, not just the students.

Buckeye Catholic Evangelization

Efforts include student outreach on campus and to other universities, community events, SPO and FOCUS missionaries, retreats, bible studies, SEEK and Ascend conference scholarships, and missionary disciple formation.

Vocation Tactics

Regional Vocation Promoters

Ten priests from throughout the diocese will act as a point of contact for candidates interested in spiritual direction.

Melchizedek Projects

Discernment groups that meet for prayer, dinner, and discussion.

Andrew Dinner

Evening prayer with Bishop Fernandes followed by a meal and discernment discussion.

Quo Vadis

Annual summer discernment camp at the Pontifical College Josephinum for young men in high school.

Wilderness Outreach Father/Son Fall Campouts:

Annual event for fathers and sons who are discerners.

Seminarian Enrichment Programs

Investment in opportunities for seminarians to enrich their lives in a variety of ways, including the coordination of fraternal activities.

Seminary Come and See

Multi-day event at the Pontifical College Josephinum giving young men an opportunity to experience seminary life.

Renovated Student Formation Center

The renovated Student Formation Center at the Newman Center will act as the epicenter of evangelization and vocations for the Diocese. The goal of the space is to create an environment to act as an entry place for young adults to encounter Christ and His Church.Renovations will include the addition of meeting and lounge spaces for bible study groups and student events, as well as a coffee bar and other improvements necessary for ministry needs.

Become a

Spiritual Entrepreneur

Invest In Your Faith