Celebrating Forty Years of Catholic Giving

Message From Our CEO

Anniversaries are an excellent time to reminisce about the relationships, people, and events that have shaped our lives. The Catholic Foundation has been blessed to support parishes, Catholic education, vocations, and ministries due to our donors many years of generosity. In addition to providing charitable resources, we’ve built relationships that are the true reasons for our success. 

My team and I are filled with joy as we reflect on the past forty years of the Foundation’s success. We are grateful for the Catholic community, which has supported our mission and entrusted us with its generous gifts. You championed your favorite cause and invested in the future of our faith.  I always say this, and it bears repeating, “It’s not about The Catholic Foundation. It’s about the impact our donors make by giving through The Catholic Foundation.”  

I want to thank The Founders’ Club donors mentioned below, who each contributed $10,000 or more since 1990 to create an endowment fund for the operational costs of The Catholic Foundation. They had the foresight to know that this fund would be a resource to build the capacity for growth we have in place today. This operations fund is vital to the foundation’s long-term sustainability and maximizing impact. 

Thank you for your continued support of The Catholic Foundation. We are committed to our mission of helping donors support Catholic causes and creating a real-world impact that will be felt for generations to come.

Since our mission began in 1984, we have provided over $200 million in funding for organizations throughout our 23-county diocese and beyond. By the grace of God and thanks to the generous hearts of our donors, we were able to accomplish this. Please contact The Catholic Foundation to learn how you can create real-world impact for your parish, school, or favorite ministry.

Yours in Christ,
Loren P. Brown, President & CEO

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It Began With
A Vision

Established in 1984

The Catholic Foundation was the inspiration of Catholic businessmen John Sauter, Richard Stedman, and Robert Morosky, who felt the need to establish an independent corporation to manage perpetual endowments for the parishes, schools, and other ministries within the diocese of Columbus.  Forty years later, The Catholic Foundation has become a central source of philanthropy for donors who want to make an impact that aligns with their faith and values.   

In 2010, the Foundation moved into the historic original Wendy’s building on Broad Street

Since its inception, The Catholic Foundation has granted $200 million (and counting) to Catholic-aligned organizations that embody our four pillars of philanthropy: parishes, education, vocations, and ministries. These pillars share a common thread of discipleship, evangelization, and investing in the next generation of faith.

Support The Work Of The Foundation

In 1990, the Board of Trustees launched a campaign to fund an endowment to finance the operations of The Catholic Foundation.  The following families played a vital role by contributing $10,000 or more to help the Foundation’s mission expansion which now includes unrestricted grant-making.

As we continue to grow, we invite all donors to consider a gift of any amount to support the growth of the Foundation’s impact.  Your contribution will leave an impression on the Catholic community that will be felt today, tomorrow, and forever. 

Founders Club Members

  • Mr. William* and Mrs. Janet Barry
  • Mr. Colin E. Bayliss
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Berwanger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bugosh
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burke Carey
  • Ms. Elaina Morosky Concheck
  • Mr. Joseph Concheck
  • Ms. Edna Crawford*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dawes
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Denk
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark DiSabato
  • Dr. Francis* and Mrs. Marilyn P. Dono
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fay*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Fehring, Jr.
  • Reverend Monsignor James A. Geiger*
  • Mr. Jack* and Mrs. Kay Gibbons
  • Most Reverend James A. Griffin JD, JCL
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Gummer
  • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Haemmerle
  • Reverend Monsignor James P. Hanley*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Herrmann*
  • Ms. Rebecca Morosky Hoffman
  • Mr. Daniel* and Mrs. Patty Igoe
  • Mr. James* and Mrs. Mary Susan Kennedy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Kobacker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Kreber, Jr.
  • Dr. Ralph* and Mrs. Barbara B. Lach
  • Mr. Bernard* and Mrs. Peggy Lawless
  • Dr. and Mrs. Adolph Lombardi, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lyons
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Madru
  • Mr. Charles* and Mrs. Catherine Lynn Malowney
  • Mr. and Mrs. John O. Mattingly*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. McAuliffe
  • Mr. James* and Mrs. Jayne F. McGill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Patrick McGuire*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McLernon
  • Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Moore
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Morosky
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Morosky
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom O’Keefe*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Onderko
  • Mr. Henry M. O’Neill, Jr.
  • Mr. Stephen R. Papanek*
  • Mr. Joseph J. Patrick, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Rowland
  • Ms. Mary E. Rutledge
  • Mr. and Mrs. David J. Ryan
  • Mr. Milton B. Schott*
  • Mr. Richard* and Mrs. Elizabeth Stedman
  • Mr. Joseph Stegmayer
  • Mr. F.W.* and Mrs. Kathleen Power Sullivan
  • Mr. Michael M. Sullivan and Mrs. Margie Corbett-Sullivan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Thomas, Sr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. James J. Tornes
  • Mr. Cornelius J. Tracy*
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lou Welker*
  • Mr. and Mrs. R. Patrick West*


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“Consider this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each must do as already determined, without sadness or compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 
2 Corinthians 9: 6-7