SVFS Residential Treatment Center Renovation

Small children running down a hallway.

Since its inception in 1875, St. Vincent Family Services (SVFS) has been committed to supporting the well-being, safety, and social-emotional health needs of children ages 0-17 through a comprehensive full-service range of behavioral health programs.  The demand for critical behavioral health care services continues to grow, especially for families living with the impact of poverty and trauma, not including the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Having the facility and resources to provide quality, equitable treatment to their most vulnerable client population – children ages 5-12 – living onsite in child welfare custody and receiving acute behavioral health services was a top priority.  From a workforce perspective, having a safe, functional space enhances morale, efficiency, and wellness for those who provide year-round, 24/7 care.  

St. Vincent Family Services started a much-needed renovation to their Residential Treatment Center through the support of a multi-year responsive grant from The Catholic Foundation.  The facility, which hasn’t been updated since the 1990s, will provide a magnitude of improved space and safety features that include updated medical spaces, classrooms, and family engagement rooms; increased safety features in bedrooms, classrooms, and corridor spaces; and employee break spaces and renovated administrative space.  Sara Russell, Director of Community Engagement & Marketing, says the updated Residential Treatment Center will help SVFS continue to deliver quality care to the multitude of children and families who rely on therapy, education, and case management. “This vital renovation will improve equity of care across our programs, enhance our ability to care for the comprehensive needs of youth and their families, and support the well-being and retention of our hardworking essential workforce.”

Child being handed a book from a woman in a classroom setting.
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