St. Francis Evangelization Center

The St. Francis Evangelization Center is part of the Department of Catholic Charities and Social Concerns of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus. The Food Pantry currently serves 465 families a month. In the summer, families provide 10 or more meals a week, per child, and with 35% of children in Vinton County living in poverty, the need is great.

In 2017 the only other food pantry in Vinton County closed, which doubled the population coming to the Center. The Center has one pantry in McArthur and on Tuesday and Thursdays they go to the four corners of Vinton County to serve the rural communities. Vinton County rants 87th (of 88) as the lowest per capita income. Other concerns are chronic substance abuse, lack of transportation, and poor access to health care. The center is facing the biggest budget challenge in years because they are the only pantry.

Mission Statement
“We are a Catholic outreach center dedicated to promoting family stability.  In the spirit of St. Francis, we are committed to providing food, clothing and shelter as a witness to the Gospel in the Vinton County area.  We serve the men, women and children of Vinton County in an effort to ease the pain of poverty, while trying to impact the underlying causes of that poverty.”

The Catholic Foundation stewards an endowment fund for the. St. Francis Evangelization Center. An Endowment Fund is designed to function in perpetuity, making it possible for you to ensure long-term financial support. This particular fund provides for the operating needs of St. Francis Evangelization Center, McArthur, Ohio. If you would like to contribute to their fund please click the link below. 

If you would like to know more about the St. Francis Evangelization Center, please visit for more information.