Putting Your Stimulus Check to Good Use

Last week The Catholic Foundation received two stimulus checks from the government. No, we aren’t “married filing jointly” and are eligible for the $1,200 per person stimulus checks. But we are eligible to accept the generosity of donors who receive those checks and might not have a need for the cash. Both donors sent their stimulus checks as contributions to the Catholic Emergency Response Fund (CERF).

As taxpayers across the country are starting to receive their stimulus checks, some people don’t have a pressing need for the cash. They are blessed with financial resources or are on a fixed income that meets the needs of their lifestyle. These stimulus checks offer an opportunity for donors to pass along this unplanned gift for the greater good. As the one donor noted, “While the Federal Stimulus was nice, we don’t really need it as much as many other families.”

By passing the stimulus check along to The Catholic Foundation for the CERF, the donors are ensuring that these dollars are going to assist those who are most in need during these trying times. The CERF is assisting parishes with getting cash into the hands of their parishioners who may have lost jobs, need rent or mortgage assistance, or need help with groceries or utilities. 20% of the CERF is providing funding to Diocesan food pantries to purchase food and replenish goods on shelves that are currently bare. Additionally, a stimulus check donation may also give you an additional tax deduction while also not being considered taxable income.

If you have been blessed and are fortunate enough to not need your government stimulus check, please consider helping others through The Catholic Foundation’s Catholic Emergency Response Fund.

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