Professional Advisor Choice Program

The Catholic Foundation understands the importance of trust when creating your will, filing taxes or considering a complex gift. For those individuals who are in need of a trusted advisor, we encourage you to consider a member of The Catholic Foundation’s Professional Advisors Group.

For those individuals who feel called to make a gift to charity, but wish to retain their existing financial advisor, The Catholic Foundation invites you to explore our Professional Advisor Choice program.

Professional Advisor Choice Program

The Catholic Foundation’s Professional Advisor Choice program allows individuals to make charitable contributions while maintaining their relationship with a trusted financial advisor.

The financial advisor will continue to manage donated funds, but are required to invest in predetermined mutual funds that comply with The Catholic Foundation’s Investment Policy. This program begins with contributions at $50,000 or above, including in-kind conversions. If you or your client is interested in making a charitable gift using this program, please contact Scott Hartman at

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