Christ the King Security Update

Interior of a church with dramatic stained glass windows.

Christ the King Church in Columbus is home to a diverse, engaged group of over 1,500 believers.  In addition to encountering Christ through the Mass, parishioners have many ways to get involved and grow in faith and fellowship. The property is also home to several consecrated religious, who devote their lives to serving this faithful community.

Safety is at the forefront of any organization. It’s especially important when unwanted activity takes place on your property.  Over the past couple of years, Christ the King’s priests and consecrated religious were victims to a handful of criminal activity.  It became crucial to enhance security measures to safeguard their care as well as provide a secure environment for anyone who visited the church.  

A responsive grant from The Catholic Foundation helped to fund upgraded windows, a touchscreen security system that allows the priests and staff to monitor activity from multiple entrances, and the installation of panic buttons across the property.  Former pastor Fr. David Schalk said, “The men who sacrifice day-in and day-out to serve the pastoral needs of the community should feel safe and secure in their own home. I am confident that with these upgrades our priests will flourish and that they will continue to be fruitful and build God’s kingdom.”

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2 Corinthians 9: 6-7