Bottoms Up! Diaper Drive

Help Single Mothers Provide Diapers For Their Children Single mothers need support and accompaniment Diapers are huge percentage of a single mom’s annual income, forcing many to reuse disposable diapers. Bottoms Up has teamed up with Angels Nurture and DiscipleRead More »

Your Money

God has entrusted you with assets and it’s important to know that the people you trust with your financial and estate plans are being responsible with your investments. Here at The Catholic Foundation, we think it’s important that you knowRead More »

2019 Grant Applications

Beginning August 31, 2018, The Catholic Foundation will accept online applications for the 2019 responsive grants. Catholic parishes, schools, invited Religious Orders and invited non-profit organizations in the 23-county Diocese of Columbus, Ohio are eligible to apply. The deadline forRead More »

Getting And Giving The Most From Your Assets

While many charitable gifts are made with cash, there are many ways that you can give and benefit from a gift of other assets. Non-cash assets may include CDs, stock, real estate, life insurance, retirement accounts, art, and other collectibles.Read More »

2019 Grant Lunch and Learn

Next month, The Catholic Foundation will be running three “Lunch and Learn” sessions to review basic processes and best practices for grants. The Catholic Foundation will provide lunch and answer any questions you may have about the grants process asRead More »

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Would you like to receive regularly scheduled payments for the rest of your life? Or for a pre-determined number of years? Are you thinking about retirement? Are you thinking about your future? Then check out a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT). WHAT TheRead More »

St. Francis Evangelization Center

The St. Francis Evangelization Center is part of the Department of Catholic Charities and Social Concerns of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus. The Food Pantry currently serves 465 families a month. In the summer, families provide 10 or more mealsRead More »

Charitable Gift Annuities

For the first time since 2012, payout rates for Charitable Gift Annuities are going up. Not only that, they are going up significantly! Would you like to receive fixed income payments for life and at the same time make a giftRead More »

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