St. Vincent Family Center is one of Ohio’s most experienced and skilled child behavioral health treatment centers, helping over 5,000 families a year. Serving the unmet needs of families on the near east side of Columbus for over 140 years,Read More »

Fund Spotlight: Bishop Griffin Resource Center

Years before the Bishop Griffin Resource Center (BGRC) opened its doors in 2007, Catholics on the east side of Columbus witnessed a need: people in the community were hungry. Tired of simply referring their neighbors to agencies in other partsRead More »

Fund Spotlight: Back In His Arms Again

Believing that every life is precious and deserving of respect, Back In His Arms Again honors life from conception until death. Back In His Arms Again serves families and communities with faith, prayer, education and compassion, through the loss ofRead More »

Bunching with a Donor Advised Fund

Bunching: Definition & Description  The Tax Advisor website describes bunching as when taxpayers “combine multiple years of ‘normal’ annual charitable contributions into a single year.” During the years in which bunching occurs, the charitable deduction combines with other itemized deductionsRead More »

CARES Act and 2020 Charitable Giving Incentives

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, known as the CARES Act, was signed into law in March of this year and includes important tax incentives that will expire on December 31, 2020: If you do not itemize: YourRead More »

Bridge the Gap: End-Of-The-Year Giving Opportunity!

Bridge the Gap: End-Of-The-Year Giving Opportunity! The holidays are quickly approaching and as they do, we embark on a season of giving. On top of gift exchanging and resolution making, we are reminded of what is important during this veryRead More »

Jubilee Museum to move to Catholic Foundation building

Jubilee Museum to move to Catholic Foundation building By Tim Puet Catholic Times Reporter The Jubilee Museum, which houses the nation’s largest collection of diversified Catholic artwork, will be moving in 2021 from its original location at the former HolyRead More »

Connie Sauter

Our loss is Heaven’s gain. Connie Sauter was an immense advocate for the poor and for those in need. Both her and her late husband John, have been great friends to the Foundation. Connie joined the Foundation Board of TrusteesRead More »

Fallen Away Catholic Survey

TAKE THE SURVEY The Diocese of Columbus is studying information as part of a strategic planning process to evangelize the future of the Catholic faith. Current and local information from individuals on why they no longer attend Church or noRead More »

August is National Make a Will Month!

Have you put off creating or updating your will? Is life too busy and this important planning tool keeps getting put on the back-burner? Now is the time to make sure that your final wishes are followed after you leaveRead More »

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