Jim Foley Endowment Fund

Most would agree that high school is a critical time in a young person’s development. Teenagers are tested with more rigorous academics, exposed to substantial leadership opportunities, and challenged to grow while adapting to new social landscapes. It is a time when it is of utmost importance to have solid footing for growth. For many students, high school is when they begin to work toward significant dreams, including graduating from college and building a successful career. By providing college-preparatory academics in a private, Catholic setting to under-served students of all faiths, as well as an opportunity to gain valuable professional work experience, Cristo Rey Columbus prepares its students for college and beyond. It is a uniquely different, proven education model that works. And, we believe, one that is worth preserving in perpetuity.

After a great deal of research, strategic thought, and planning, the Cristo Rey Board of Trustees created the Jim Foley Endowment Fund for Cristo Rey Columbus High School. When Jim Foley retired from a long legal career at Vorys Law Firm, he didn’t enjoy a life of leisure – instead, he answered the call to serve as the founding President of Cristo Rey high school. Providing direction and leadership, and building a dedicated faculty and staff, Jim undertook the momentous task of helping to turn a vision into reality. Retiring in July 2020, part of his legacy is leaving Cristo Rey Columbus on exceptionally solid financial footing, so that they can continue to educate students for generations to come. The Jim Foley Endowment Fund will provide stable, long-term financial support for Cristo Rey Columbus.

We would like to wish Jim well with his second retirement and we would like to congratulate long-time friend of the Foundation, Joe Patrick, as the new President of Cristo Rey. If you are interested in contributing to the The Jim Foley Endowment Fund for Cristo Rey Columbus High School (Fund ID #320FBM) please click the button below or contact a member of our Development Team HERE.

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