Honor & Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Giving an In Memory of Gift in memory of a loved one not only affirms your commitment to ensuring our Catholic beliefs and values, but also recognizes that this passion for protecting our faith was shared by your loved one.

Honor Gifts

Why spend and time and energy running around looking for a gift that may just end up on the shelf? An In Honor of Gift not only makes a great gift for a loved one’s birthday, graduation, wedding, or other special occasion, but they also provide important financial support to all of our organizations and charities.

How Do I Make a Gift?

To make an In Memory of Gift or In Honor of Gift please visit our Existing Endowment and Donor Advised Fund page. From there simply choose a fund you would like to make a donation to and click the Give To This Fund button. There will be a field available to put the name of the person you wish to remember or honor.

If you are interested in learning more please visit Open A Fund.

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