Existing Funds

Existing Endowment and Donor Advised Funds

Anyone can add to an existing fund, in any amount. Please choose the desired fund to make a contribution online. Use the navigation above to sort by pillar and area of interest.

If you are interested in opening a fund of your own, visit Open A Fund.

  • The James and Kamer Family Endowment Fund

    This fund shall provide equal support for the general maintenance needs of St. Mary Magdalene Parish and St. Mary Magdalene Parish School, Columbus, Ohio.

    Fund ID #320FAU

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  • The James J. Muetzel Lancaster Tuition Assistance Fund

    This fund shall provide tuition assistance for one student annually with financial need at any of the following Catholic schools presently located in Lancaster, OH: St. Mary School, St. Bernadette Catholic School, or William V. Fisher Catholic High School.

    Fund ID #320FBB

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  • The James R. Hunkler St. Christopher Parish Endowment Fund

    The purpose of this fund is to provide for the general needs of St. Christopher Parish, Columbus, Ohio.

    Fund #320FG

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  • The Jeffrey J. Rimelspach Fund for the Women’s Care Center

    This fund shall provide ultrasounds for women receiving medical care at the Women's Care Center of Columbus, presently located at 935 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43205.

    Fund ID #320FBE

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  • The Jerry and Nancy Davis Family Endowment Fund

    This fund shall 1. support programs for religious education and youth ministry for St. Nicholas parish, Zanesville, 2. provide need- based tuition assistance to a deserving student at Bishop Fenwick or Bishop Rosecrans who is an active parishioner of St. Nicholas Church, 3. support St. Nicholas Church needs or projects, 4. assist St. Nicholas in providing charitable works for the poor in the Zanesville Community.

    Fund ID #320FBF

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  • The Joel and Sarah Clark Donor Advised Fund

    Fund ID #325JL

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  • The John and Stefanie Morrow Family Donor Advised Fund

    Fund #325IS

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  • The Kanowsky- Ey Family Donor Advised Fund

    This fund shall support catholic teachings and education by supporting practicing catholic families in need of assistance at Bishop Hartley High School, Columbus, All Saints Academy at Christ the King Church, Columbus, St. Catharine School, Columbus, and The Thomas Knox Foundation at St. Charles Preparatory High School, Columbus. This fund shall give back to the schools and churches that have shaped our families.

    Fund ID #325KF

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  • The Kathleen C. McClernon Memorial Fund

    Fund ID #325JX

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