St. Vincent Family Center is one of Ohio’s most experienced and skilled child behavioral health treatment centers, helping over 5,000 families a year. Serving the unmet needs of families on the near east side of Columbus for over 140 years, St. Vincent Family Center provides children ages 3-17 with a range of best-in-class prevention, intervention and behavioral health treatment care options. With a team of more than 150 compassionate professionals including therapists, psychologists, pediatric psychiatrists and certified teachers, all of whom are steeped in trauma-informed care. More than 90% of the children served successfully return to school and family.

Mission: We make good kids better by providing pediatric behavioral healthcare within a learning community to change the lives of children and families.

Vision: St. Vincent Family Center is the recognized leader in pediatric behavioral health care assuring children and families succeed at home, school and in life.

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St. Vincent Family Center has an endowment fund managed by The Catholic Foundation that anyone can contribute to at any time and in any amount. By doing so, you ensure that funding is available to the St. Vincent Family Center every year, FOREVER.

If you are interested in donating to this amazing and worthy organization, please click the button above. Additionally, gifts can be made by writing a check to The Catholic Foundation with the St. Vincent Family Center in the memo line.