Fund Spotlight: Back In His Arms Again

Believing that every life is precious and deserving of respect, Back In His Arms Again honors life from conception until death. Back In His Arms Again serves families and communities with faith, prayer, education and compassion, through the loss of an infant.

Kambra Malone, Executive Director, and her husband Shawn started Back In His Arms Again about 12 years ago after having gone through their own devastating personal loss. All they wanted was a simple and dignified burial for their child and found the resources essentially nonexistent. Kambra said, “Policies and procedures were not in place to provide a dignified and proper burial. There was a serious lack of sensitivity, education, and resources. So, we saw a clear need and decided something had to be done so that no one else had to experience the same thing we went through.”

When Back In His Arms Again first started, they were helping about five to fourteen families in the first few years. However, due to word of mouth, connections, referrals, relationships with local hospitals, parishes and cemeteries; and website searches they have grown to serving more than 100 families a month. As many can imagine, this has created a huge stress on resources, time, and finances.

Back In His Arms Again has a donor advised fund managed by The Catholic Foundation. If you are interested in donating and support their cause, please click the button below or visit

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