End-Of-Year Message: Donor Advised Funds

Do you support your church, alma mater, or a variety of other charities with financial contributions each year? Would a streamlined, more efficient way to manage your philanthropy make your life easier? Then consider a Donor Advised Fund with The Catholic Foundation.

Donor Advised Funds allow a family or individual to manage their philanthropy from a single, convenient source. Your funds are invested in accordance to Catholic teachings and you have online access to send contributions to the charities of your choice, at any time. Donor Advised Funds can be started with cash, check, credit cards, and even stock.

With the changes to the tax law forcing many donors to now take the standard deduction, Donor Advised Funds provide a unique opportunity to allow a donor to “bunch” gifts that would be made over multiple years, into a single year while still itemizing deductions for 2018. If you support multiple charities each year and need a bump to get you over the standard deduction limit ($12,000 for single filers, $24,000 for couples filing jointly) then a Donor Advised Fund can help.

There is still time to get a new Donor Advised Fund created before the end of the year. Establishing a fund is fast and simple. For more information please contact Scott Hartman at 614-443-8893 or by email at shartman@catholic-foundation.org.

Disclaimer: We’re not accountants, this does not constitute tax advice. Please consult a tax professional.