Charitable Gift Annuities

For the first time since 2012, payout rates for Charitable Gift Annuities are going up. Not only that, they are going up significantly! Would you like to receive fixed income payments for life and at the same time make a gift to support your favorite Catholic church, school, or organization?

Then a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) might be for you. CGAs can be funded with gifts of cash, stock, or property and provide the donor with a fixed payment based on your age and the size of your gift. You receive an immediate tax deduction for a portion of your gift while receiving annual, quarterly, or monthly payments for life. The minimum age to receive annuity payments is 65 years of age. Not 65 yet?  Don’t worry, a deferred CGA allows you to postpone payments until a later date while locking in today’s increased rates. The new rates take effect July 1, so contact us today to see an illustration of your payments and the portion you can leave to your favorite Catholic cause!