Charitable Gift Annuities Provide Peace of Mind

With interest rates fluctuating daily and the stock market doing its best impersonation of a roller coaster, it is hard to find certainty in any type of financial investment. A charitable gift annuity (CGA) however can provide you with a consistent stream of income while leaving a gift at the end of your life for the Catholic cause you care about.

A CGA is a fund that provides you, the donor, with fixed, guaranteed payments for life based on your age and rates established by the American Council on Gift Annuities. You receive an immediate charitable deduction up front for your gift and a portion of your annual payment is also tax-deductible. Rates for CGA’s are very attractive right now:

Your annuity payment, which can be paid to you monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually through a physical check or direct deposit, is guaranteed for your lifetime and is backed by the assets of The Catholic Foundation. At your death, the remainder of the annuity is transferred to an endowment fund for your parish, school, or social service organization allowing the impact of your generosity to continue forever.  Contact a member of our Development Team to find out how a CGA can help you receive income while supporting your faith.

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