August is National Make a Will Month!

Have you put off creating or updating your will? Is life too busy and this important planning tool keeps getting put on the back-burner? Now is the time to make sure that your final wishes are followed after you leave this earthly life.

A will is a legal document which captures what you want to happen to your assets when you die. Having a will in place prevents the state from determining for you how and to whom your assets are distributed. A will can be simple and may not require a lot of time or money to establish. The Catholic Foundation’s Professional Advisors Group* has many attorneys from across the Diocese of Columbus who can serve as a great resource for determining what you need to create a will.  You can view the full list of Advisors HERE.

The Catholic Foundation also has tools available to help you get started with creating your will and forming your estate plans. Click HERE for a free informational planning guide to get you started.

Stop procrastinating and use this month as an opportunity to start your will or review an existing version if it’s more than 5 years old. Your family and loved ones will thank you for taking the guess work out of how you would like your financial matters handled.

*The Professional Advisors Group is a member association of The Catholic Foundation and the Foundation does not personally endorse any individual or firm.