St. John Fisher Stewards

Bishop Frederick Campbell identified St. John Fisher as the patron saint of The Catholic Foundation because of stewardship of endowments.  Fisher was an English Catholic bishop and theologian.  He was a man of learning, associated with the intellectuals and political leaders of his day, and eventually became Chancellor of the University of Cambridge.  Fisher was executed by order of Henry VIII during the English Reformation for refusing to accept the king as supreme head of the Church of England and for upholding the Catholic Church’s doctrine of papal primacy.  Fisher was also strategic in his assembly of endowment funds to attract and support leading scholars from Europe to Cambridge, promoting the study not only of Classical Latin and Greek authors, but of Hebrew.  He placed great emphasis upon pastoral commitment, above all popular preaching by the endowed staff.  Fisher was named a cardinal shortly before his death.  Honored as a martyr and saint, he shares his feast day with St. Thomas More on June 22nd in the Roman Catholic calendar of saints.


Volunteer of the parish, promoting the growth of the parish endowments through collaboration with The Catholic Foundation’s awareness and service initiatives.


Two year volunteer commitment; must have an existing affiliation with The Catholic Foundation

A liaison between the parish and The Catholic Foundation to perform the following actions:

  • Scheduling and facilitating parish endowment awareness initiatives including gatherings, bulletin announcements and inserts, parishioner letters, and individual meetings.
  • Identifying parish or community events for the promotion and awareness of parish endowments.
  • The availability of parish endowment related materials at parish events and in spaces such as vestibules where information is shared.
  • Identifying parishioners and others who may be at the right time in their life to know more about how to support the parish endowments through the services of The Catholic Foundation.
  • Identifying parishioners and others who are professional advisors and may be interested in learning more about The Catholic Foundation’s Professional Advisor Program.
  • When available, be a presence at parish events by displaying endowment awareness materials, answering questions, and referring to The Catholic Foundation staff for technical service.
  • Periodically update the Pastor and The Catholic Foundation on the parish endowment awareness initiatives.


  • Installation blessing at an annual Mass celebrated by the Bishop
  • An annual luncheon and training
  • St. John Fisher identification lapel pin
  • Announcement in the Catholic Times, The Catholic Foundation Annual Report and website
  • The book, “St. John Fisher” by Fr. Vincent McNabb, O.P.
  • Invitations to participate in The Catholic Foundation’s topical conversations and spiritual discussions


Have you seen our St. John Fisher Icon? Did you want to know more about the symbolism and history? Then check out our booklet to learn more.

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