2019 Session II

Session II Information

Part II – Balancing Your Business & Philanthropy – It’s Possible!
September 12 @ 5 p.m.

Generally, when we think of a company, we think about commercial profits; while the term “social impact” brings thoughts of philanthropy. Businesses for social impact combine generating financial returns with endeavoring to achieve a change in society. But can two seemingly-desperate endeavors co-exist, successfully?  Family businesses that survive for many generations make sure to permeate their ethos of ownership with a strong sense of purpose.

Three accomplished, Catholic business owners created in their respective enterprises a genuine sense of purpose and community impact, living their Catholic faith, while demonstrating with the value-creation and stronger long-term business growth.  What if it is time to commit to the idea that doing good is good business?

John Igel
President at George J. Igel & Co., Inc.

Luconda Dager
President at Velvet Ice Cream Company

Mark Hawk
CEO at RevLocal

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