2019 Session I

2019 Three-Part Speaker Series

Part I – Navigating Faith & Family Dynamics – At Home & Work, Across The Generations
Date: May 16 @ 4 p.m.

Few issues are of greater importance than perpetuating a family’s faith and heritage within family business planning and among inter-generational relationships…but success at both work and home requires faith, skill, and thoughtful planning.  Dimensions of activity must work well and synchronize: harmonious relations within the family and an understanding of how it should be involved with the business, an ownership structure that provides sufficient capital for growth while allowing the family to control key parts of the business, strong governance of the company and a dynamic business portfolio, professional management of the family’s wealth, and charitable activity to promote family values across generations.

Jamie Richardson
Vice President of Government and Shareholder Relations at White Castle System, Inc.



Darla King
President & Owner of King Business Interiors, Inc.

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