CBL Speaker Series

Robert D. Walter
Founder of Cardinal Health, Inc.

Session III

Leading the Family Business LifeCycle – Phases that Deliver Growth & Value, Over Time

Date: October 29 @ 5 p.m.

Family business ownership has a large impact on a firm’s performance, and family owners play a significant role in determining how their firms perform throughout the company’s life-cycle. However, the dynamics of this relationship can change when family firms undertake initial public offerings (IPOs) for long-lasting growth of their business, resulting in a governance and management transitions during the post-IPO stage.

Come hear what will be a most interesting and enjoyable “conversation” between the Foundation President and one of Central Ohio’s most successful family business inheritors, leaders, transformation director, and generous philanthropist. Come hear him describe his personal journey leading his enterprise through several life stages filled with successes and challenges. Hear first hand and glean your own useful insights regarding what it takes to drive the long-view from the perspective of a Leader who has achieved enterprise growth, sustainability, and generosity.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Liz Lynch.
llynch@catholic-foundation.org | 614-443-8893

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